Most of the monogramming work we do is with our own creations. 

A monogram on a pillow or on a baby item - like this ribbon blanket (which makes a wonderfully unique baby shower gift)

We can work on your items, but our turn around is slower due to the large projects we work on.  We prefer completely custom to corporate designs.

Key Fobs and Wristlets

We make a wide variety of key fobs ranging from police badges to initials to characters.  Just ask and I probably can make it!

We fully support our Police Officers and Fire Fighters.  We give each active and retired officers a police badge key fob for FREE!  Over 700 key fobs have been given away since we started. 

In addition to the fobs, we create personalized wristlets that make finding those keys at the bottom of your purse a breeze.

Stuffies or Lovies

New to our line is stuffies or lovies! These are stuffed animals that can be made with your clothing or from our fabric.  

They are wonderfully cuddly and come in a wide variety!  Including a tooth Fairy and Tooth Goblin with little pockets that hold the tooth!

Some options include: Bears, Bunnies, Piglet, Duck, Lamb, Reindeer, Moose, Penguin, Unicorn, Horse, Sloth, and too many more to list!

Hooded Towels

For a "something different" gift, a personalized Hooded Towel is perfect!  

All towels are full size - no tiny ones here!  They are one size fits all - being extra large for a baby and comfortable enough for an adult.

We have a wide variety of characters, so just ask!  We also make police, military, nurse and more!

Fun stuff!

From time to time, usually with the seasons, we stock ready to embroidery items like garden flags, scarves and other decor items.  Check with our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest items for sale!


Embroidery takes a project to the next level.  Most of our quilts, pillows, and lovies can be embroidered.  We will discuss this at the initial design meeting.  

What I love most about embroidery is the creativity it brings to my work.  There are so many options, it is impossible for me to list them all.  

Use the form below to ask me about a design, character or to order!

From there, we can either set an appointment or I can send you choices via email.  A digital proof is sent before stitching!

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