T-Shirt Quilts

All that FUN in a quilt!

T-shirt Quilts are fun!  They remind you of all those concerts, the college days, the marathons, high school years or the family reunions - whatever your memory!


To enhance the t-shirts you chose, consider a playful border or to polish off with a classy 4" border.  

Border options are:

1. 4" border (included in base price) 

2. Double Border - a 2" border, then a 4" border.  

3. Colorblock border - 2" border surrounded by 4" squares of your shirts.  

4. Double Colorblock - 2" border surrounded by 4" squares of your shirts with another 2" border (as shown in top picture)

Make it YOURS!

We create a unique kind of T-shirt Quilt using a puzzle technique that is pleasing to the eye.  Yes, we can also create the traditional square as well. 

There is no pattern used - every quilt is custom to your images! We can utilize those small logo prints or the extra-long wording that goes down the pant leg or arm.  

All washable fabrics can be included in your quilt - even jerseys, towels, sports bags, costumes, you name it!

You can also use your T-shirts to make a pillow!

What is the Process?

Thank you for considering us! The fun starts when you are thinking about a quilt!

Once you decide to make a quilt, start gathering your T-shirts.  There is a little work to do before you contact me!  Use painter's tape to mark the images you want on the quilt.  For example, on the front of the shirt, there is a logo you want in the quilt, put a small piece of tape next to the logo.  On the back, there is a cute design and below are sponsors.  Put a piece of tape next to the cute design and write design only.  Don't worry if you are confused - I can help with that at the design meeting.

Now that you have all the shirts washed and in a pile, fill out the form below or call to set up a design appointment.

At the appointment, we will discuss each shirt individually and go over your expectations of design.  We will also choose colors for the backing and which border you desire.  

Please do not stress over this, I will walk you through every step!

You will be given a time line at the end of the meeting.  Then you leave your shirts and when I contact you about pick up, you will come pick up your custom quilt!

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